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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do with your information?2020-06-10T20:59:24+00:00

With your permission, we provide your inquiry to only 1 agent who will contact you directly and confidentially.

You may use several mediums of communication:

  • Phone call
  • Come to their office
  • Come to your home offered as a concierge service to everyone and preferred
  • Video conferencing, very popular today and simple to use with no fees
  • Email is easy but not preferred as it can be tedious and not fulfilling to allowing the agent to ask the many questions needed to help guide you to the correct solution
Am I going to be charged a fee for these services?2020-04-16T20:38:34+00:00

No, we do not refer agents that charge consultation fees or management fees on fixed annuity products. Therefore, prior to speaking with them you know that you will not be asked to pay them for their time. Agents that we refer out are commission-based only and only get paid if they can match you with the right annuity or investment. If you don’t purchase anything, they will not charge you.

Our referred group of agents must, when required, act as a fiduciary or work under the new “best interest” rule which stipulates that they must always place the best interest of the clients before of their own. 

With the Coronavirus, how are meetings handled today?2020-04-16T20:18:43+00:00

At your request, meetings can be done via online teleconferencing where you and your advisor can discuss the best options for you and share information on the screen. All the information your advisor shares with you will also be emailed to you for you to review at your own leisure.

Our agents are required to have their own physical offices. You may attend a meeting at their office when it is possible, and in many cases, our well known Advisors offer their own concierge services where they will actually come to you at your place of business or home to talk with you and learn what your requirements are. You always have the flexibility to decide your preferred communication channel.

Will I be given the name of the referred agent after I fill out the information form?2020-04-16T20:24:41+00:00

Yes, we will contact you by email and provide you with the advisor’s name, phone number, email and company name. We share this information with you so when you are contacted by your advisor you know the name and reason for calling. If you prefer, you can add their phone number to your contacts so that you recognize the call when it comes in. We don’t want you to consider them a robocall and miss the valuable information they will be sharing with you.

Can you get more than one referral at a time?2020-04-16T20:26:07+00:00

Yes, If you would like to speak to more than one agent we can arrange that for you. From time to time, we get asked to do this so that clients can get more than one perspective on recommendations made.

What can you expect from your agent?2020-04-16T20:34:38+00:00

We are very selective in developing relationships with agents who we connect with consumers. We have found that the best advisers offer the best companies with the highest financial ratings and competitiveness.

Representatives must be independent, meaning they represent dozens of companies impartially. We do not work with captive agents and financial advisors who can be limited to one or two companies’ product lines. We do not want to limit your choices and the possibility of getting the best product for your individual situation.

We require that agents or their firm have at least 20 years of experience in financial services. With experience, they are also likely to hold more licenses than required to sell fixed annuities. Many of the advisers that we refer are also stockbrokers and wealth managers.

These agents have shown their dedication to helping everyone regardless of the amount of investable assets they may have.

No Obligation

Once you’ve spoken with the referred agent you have no obligation for further communication. Hopefully, at this point they have provided you the information you were looking for and you feel comfortable moving forward towards guaranteed financial stability.

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